by Loud Loud

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released February 5, 2013




Loud Loud Shorewood, Illinois

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Track Name: Burst And Bloom
You're the storybook ending laced with the irony of a tragedy
and it's repetition at it's best
I'll do what I can to overlook the past
Just Burst and Bloom expose some truth
Just enough to get you by
The more I ask, the more you hide
Because you got those liar's lines
Anything to get your way
This is my favorite part of the chapter
Pressed hips, pressed lips, yeah this is it
Sprawled across my sheets
This is when we get it in
Oh, how we roll
Track Name: Mirrors
All my wrongs in their neat stacks
A necessary back track
Not for you, but for once myself
All ears hear, few will listen
Of all I'm out of I'll be missing
I'm still as a stone
I'm dry as a bone
The hours they end, but the days go on and on and on.
The mirrors they tell it to us all
Unfamiliar vision, standing right in my vision
I've committed a series of horrible moral crimes
What do I ever do now
Track Name: Solace
You promised me a future, but all I got was stoned.
You promised me your love, but left me here on my own
There's no love left in the no coast
Tip the scales turn the table on you
There's no love left in the Gold Coast
Tip the scales turn the table on you
Balance we won't know girl, but I can tell you we'll be fine
'cause we'll find solace in all
Hidden here in every line
Track Name: First Stages Of Ending Phases
I've seen the sea of change
and with it, you left me here
So I'll hold on to the waves
Yeah you are my tide
There's a haze of grey
And in time it's bound to fade
So I'll put myself through this
Yeah, you're what I'll most miss
I don't dare try to compare
What we had to what you wanted
Tell me this isn't what you wanted
We'll both drown in this
Don't you hide behind the ocean
I'm done calling you out on this
So you know, this was never my call
It would never turn out this bad
Track Name: You Had No Reason
I lost what meant the world to me only to find out in never really was
and you have made your exit along the same path all of the rest have
You should of never have crossed this burning bridge
and these scars that are left I'm thinking this
You're descending now
You deserve this now
And for all of the times you wrote me off
I can't imagine these notions working out
Does this hurt you now
I'm calling off my bets
It's safe to say you've made a name for yourself and for your friends
They'll accept you now
So fuck the circle you roll around with around town
They'll accept you now